Destructanks – Destroy everything!

Destructanks_05Destructanks is a low-poly destruction game where you control a tank with one mission: destroy everything! Blast your way through 10 missions, ranging from suburban neighborhoods to airports.

This originally began as a fun side project of mine as I had always enjoyed arena tank shooters. Rather than go the typical “put X number of tanks in an arena and let them battle it out” route, I decided to work-in some of the destruction tech I used in my other title Crash Co. and work it in to a slightly different tank shooter game.

Destructanks_08The premise remains simple. You start with a set amount of time and earn more by destroying items. The bigger the structure, the more time it gives you. Sizes can range from bushes in a front lawn to an airport terminal, and (obviously) the larger the object, the more it will take to destroy.

Along the way you will also encounter enemy tanks out to stop you from accomplishing your mission. Either evade them and carry on, or destroy them to add time to your clock.

What are you waiting for? Get destroying!

Destructanks v1.0 (Windows)
Destructanks v1.0 (Mac OS)
Destructanks v1.0 (Linux)

Massive update to make Firewing 64 v2.0

Firewing64_v2_MountainTopShortly after the release of the original version of Firewing 64, it was met with generally positive feedback. A number of these people also offered suggestions on ways to improve the game in general, so I took those to heart (at least the ones that I agreed with) and got to work!

First and foremost, just because the game is inspired by the Nintendo 64 3D platformers doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. I used the Nintendo 64 style to be lazy (for lack of a better word). So I improved and updated all of the textures, while still retaining that distinct Nintendo 64 style.

Firewing64_v2_VillageLookoutNext was the geometry. There were parts that I didn’t like, and in general everything seemed to “sharp”. The Nintendo 64 could only do so many polygons so I didn’t want to give up the limited number being used here. Simple fix: apply smoothing groups to all of the geometry.

With the game looking much better, I turned my attention to the controls. Some people had mentioned that they didn’t like the button layouts and the inability to use the mouse to control the camera. That too has been fixed. I was able to reduce the button usage by doubling-up some of them. For example, there is no longer a dedicated button to ground pound. Now that is performed by quickly-tapping attack while in the air. In addition, the character now jumps higher based on how long the jump button is pressed (a staple in any 3D platformer really). In addition, footstep sounds were added as was a wing flapping sound while gliding.

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Firewing 64 updated to version 1.1

Just one day after release, Firewing 64 has been updated to version 1.1. After input from the community, I have implemented a number of changes which include:

  • A dash ability – hold down (what was previously the ground pound button) to nearly double your run speed! Granted you can’t attack while dashing, so be cautious!
  • Faster attacking – no longer bound by an attack every second!
  • Easier to jump on enemies – larger hit boxes and a reduced size on their attack boxes makes them much easier (and fun) to jump on!
  • Couple other minor tweaks (holes in the level geometry for example).

Firewing 64 is also now on Itch.IO!

Oh and I created a trailer for the game as well!

Download version 1.1 here!

Firewing 64 – Version 1.0


If you are familiar with my original project (the one that taught me how use Unity and to program) Besus: Journey for Vitality, you should know I’m a huge fan of the 64-bit era of 3D Platforming games. That being said, I decided to do one in the style of a Nintendo 64 game, including low polygon counts, hard edges, and over-blurred textures! While it may just be single level (albeit it a large one), there is plenty to do and to collect! So give it a shot (download link below) and let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions as to how I could improve it!

Download Firewing 64 (version 1.0)!

New Crash Co. Beta Demo!

Just under a week after launching the Steam Greenlight campaign for Crash Co., I am proud to present a new playable beta demo! Nearly 5 months since the last playable preview was released, there have been a number of changes, ranging from bug fixes to gameplay tweaks!

This demo features a total of 12 playable levels (7 main demolition levels and 5 hidden bonus levels), allowing you to control 5 main demolition vehicles as well as a handful of transport-only ones; from a train to an ATV.




If you find any bugs, have any suggestions, or would just like to share your opinion on the game, please let me know!